CNA Job Interview Questions and Answers 1 to 10

Practice CNA Test » Interview Questions 1-10

After passing the certification exam, the candidates are faced with yet another hurdle, and that is to answer the interview questions. If you do not prepare well for the interview, then you are very likely to become nervous when questions are asked to you. Moreover, the employers look for candidates who are confident about themselves and know their job well. You can start preparing by trying to answer the following questions and see if you are ready for the interview.

  1. Tell us something about yourself.

    Although this is one of the most commonly asked questions, it reveals many things about your personality. Your employer will see if you have the qualifications, experience, qualities and skills for the position. Although there are no hard and fast rules to answer this question, make sure you introduce yourself in a very positive manner, highlighting your past experiences, and if possible, state why you choose this profession. Finish replying the question in not more than two minutes.

  2. Why did you choose this profession over your current profession?

    This again is a very commonly asked question and you should tell about some skills and qualities that you have, which are required by a professional pursuing this career. For example, you might have a passion and patience to serve the elderly people or you have a lot of stamina and patience to serve the sick people and so on.

  3. What are the challenges that you faced when you started working as a CNA and how did you overcome them?

    If you have some experience as a CNA, then you should be ready to answer this question. Your employer wants to see if you are able to deal with the various challenges and struggles that the CNAs have to face. You can give a few examples of the difficulties that you might have encountered as a CNA. If you have recently got your license, you can give an example of some difficulty that you might have had at your previous profession.

  4. Why do you think that you are suitable for this job?

    Although this a very generic question, other questions will be asked based on its answer. You can reveal some of the qualities you have that are suitable for the job.

  5. What kind of training did you receive to become a CNA? OR, Did you take up a course to specialize in anything?

    There are many types of specializations that you can take up as a CNA. You can work with the accident and emergency department in a hospital, you can work for patients who are terminally ill or offer inpatient services or even work for the elderly people. If you have received any kind of training from your previous employer (especially that is relevant to this job), then do not forget to mention it.

  6. Have you ever worked with elderly patients (worked in a hospital, terminally ill patients, accident and emergency department and so on, depending on the type of health care services your employer has)?

    This again is asked if you have experience for the position that you have applied for. If you do not have the relevant experience, then you might be asked how comfortable you will be working for some other kind of department. For example, if you have had the chance of taking care of even a couple of patients who were elderly, do mention it and state how you took care of them. (This might be good if you are applying for a job in a long term care facility). Your recruiter is trying to check if you are good at taking care of old people who might require extra care.

  7. What are your strengths and weaknesses?

    This too is a very tricky question. You should practice well in advance what you will say if you are asked this question. It is important to show that you have the skills necessary for a CNA. When you highlight your weaknesses, it is important that your weaknesses should highlight your strengths indirectly. For example, you might say that "My friends say that I take my work too seriously." Or you can say that "I am impatient with incompetent people, but I am working on it" and so on. You can also add that you are working on improving your weaknesses.

  8. Why did you apply as a CNA in our organization? (OR why do you want to work with us?)

    This question is asked to judge if you know something about the organization you have applied for. You need to prepare for this. You will have to search the internet and look for information regarding the organization. The HR department wants to hire people who will not just work what they are expected to, but will gel well with the other people of the organization.

  9. What are the two things that you do like and do not like doing as a CNA?

    When you say about your dislikes, you should not say it in a negative manner.

  10. Why did you leave your last job (or why do you want to leave your current job)?

    There are some things you should avoid saying like "I was looking for better opportunity" or "I find the work rather boring"; instead you can say something like, "I was looking for something more challenging", or "I wanted to specialize as a XYZ" and so on.

The other nursing assistant interview questions that you can be asked will be generic or they can be related to your work. Your employer will check if you know your job well and can handle the various situations and challenges in everyday life and have the character traits to work efficiently in the organization. So prepare well before the interview.