Practice Test and Interview Questions for CNA

CNA practice test helps you to prepare for the certified nursing assistant exams, which are conducted after the completion of the course. It helps you to test your knowledge which you have gained in theoretical and practical classes. You will come to know your weak points and which topics you have not prepared thoroughly. It is recommended to solve as much test papers as you can because it will increase your confidence level and you will be able to solve them quickly.

Format of CNA Test

Basically, the certification test is divided into 2 parts:

  • Written Test Questions: The written test papers includes 60-100 multiple choice questions that are based on the theoretical concepts of nursing. These questions may be related to the basic duties of a certified nursing aides, the latest tools and technology used, the precautionary measures to be taken, etc. The pattern of the question will be same throughout the states, but the number of questions might differ from one state to another.
  • Skills Test Questions: The clinical skill test questions comprises of 20-25 question in a single set of paper, in which you have to demonstrate any 5 skills in front of the examiner. This is the major part of the test, as it determines how efficient you are for the position of certified nursing assistant. You can also practice these skills on your friends and relatives in order to gain more perfection. It is mandatory to clear both the papers with good marks in order to obtain a good job in a reputed medical organization.

practice test question and answers for CNA

Preparing for the Certification Exam

Use good study material for learning the CNA skills. The study materials that you consult should give you questions that are state specific, which means that apart from giving you a practice for the exams, it should give you samples according to the region or state in which you plan to appear for your exam. For example, your resource study material should be able to provide you specific sample papers for a particular state. You can also take the help of your faculty to locate a good resource for practice test.

When you take a CNA practice test, do not be very discouraged if your score is not very good; conversely, do not be overconfident if you do well in your first practice test. You must try out several times to know if you have prepared well for the certification exam. You can try both paid as well as free practice tests available on the web. This will prepare you better, as you will be able to know how much you have prepared for the exams.

A very good idea to prepare for your certification test is to take the help of your friends. You can ask them to tell you about any resource that they come across or know about from others. You can discuss about the various concepts with your course mates and then ask them to form a quiz of their own.

You can form groups and quiz each other to know if you have understood a particular concept. You can make a group and compile a set of doubts that you would like to ask your faculty members that will help all of you to get your doubts clarified.

After you get a sufficient amount of CNA practice test for your written exam, you should start looking for resources that have several questions that give a good practice for your practical exams too. If you are able to easily solve these questions, then you will be able to take your practical exams more confidently. You can also go through the books present in the library of your college to go through the latest trends in the medical field that would be relevant to your exam.

Preparing for the Interview

Apart from the written and skill test question, you will also find various interview questions related to certified nursing assistant available on our website that will help you in cracking the interview in an effective manner. The interview questions are divided into several parts such as

  1. Direct Questions: For example, "What skills do you possess and what are you currently working on?",

  2. Non-Direct Questions: For example, "Tell me about yourself", What is your objective in life" etc

  3. Hypothetical or Situational Questions: A situation will be given to you and will be asked to resolve it in minimal steps, for example, "You have to report to the registered nurse at 5:00 PM and suddenly a patients calls you. Then what will you do?

  4. Behavioral Questions: For example, "How will you complete the given task and what approach you will take for it?

Although certified nursing assistants have to work under the supervision of a nurse, they have to be prepared to face many kinds of emergencies and deal with different types of patients. They should have sufficient knowledge to handle several types of medical equipment. Therefore, the certification exam is head to test the ability to manage the responsibilities on daily basis at any healthcare facilities.