Red Cross CNA Program

American Red Cross CNA program is considered to be one of the best CNA training programs across the country. With training centers in 36 major cities in various states, the course is accessible to almost all the aspiring nursing assistants in the United States. The course has a reputation for building great careers, better nurse aides come out of a Red Cross Program than most other programs.

A certified nursing assistant is responsible of many tasks like monitoring patients vital signs, bathing and dressing, assisting patients in use of washrooms, movements, transfer, documentation, maintaining hygienic surroundings and reporting any changes in health to the supervising nurse. All these skills are taught in all CNA programs, but the Red Cross Programs teach the skills more efficiently under the caring eye of the best industry professionals.

Subjects Covered

All the subjects that are necessary to be a certified nursing assistant and the skills required are taught in a Red Cross CNA program. The subjects covered are Basic health and environmental studies, Basic Sciences, Disease control and prevention, Nutrition, Medical Ethics, Medical Terminology, Anatomy and Physiology. Apart from these subjects nurse aides are trained on communication skills so that they can educate the patient and their family members about the hygiene and other requirements like supply of medicines and medication routines etc. It has been noticed that nursing assistants trained at a Red Cross center are far more effective not just in healthcare tasks but also in harmonious communication.

After completing the Red Cross CNA training the students are more than confident about clearing the certification exam and get a good entry level job.

Length of Programs

It is up to the local chapters to decide about the length of the training programs and the time frame varies from place to place. The minimum number of training hours varies from state to state and so do other norms; the local chapter formulates the courses after consideration of the laws and consultation with the State Nursing Board.

The training hours range from the 75 hours to 110 hours which include the clinical training part. Depending on the training hours the programs last for four, six or eight weeks.

The Red Cross Advantage

The American Red Cross Society has been into healthcare and medical related services for ages; the courses are thus built on years of experience the society has. Students passing the certification exam after attending the Red Cross CNA training program are always in demand and the best hospitals, facilities and healthcare agencies are eager to hire them even at a salary higher than other pass outs.

A nurse aide from Red Cross training program has more chance of succeeding in the healthcare field than others; it can be proven statistically. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) stated that the student success ratio of Red Cross is higher and thus they draw more salaries.

The biggest advantage for the students is the brand name of Red Cross and the training program is such that they get maximum exposure to clinical training and prepares them better to handle the roles and responsibilities when they start practicing as a nursing assistant.

The only issue is that not all states have a Red Cross CNA Program center; so aspiring CNAs who have a center nearby are fortunate as they can access the training easily.

Joining a Red Cross CNA Program

If you cannot locate a Red Cross training centre in your city or town, you still have a chance to join their training program. The internet technology has enabled for best online CNA programs from Red Cross if you can't join the traditional programs due to time or location constraints. Another advantage is that even if you enroll in an online program you will not have to compromise on clinical training hours as Red Cross can provide for the clinical training in a hospital or facility near you. And unlike some online programs the number of practical training hours at Red Cross is the same for both traditional and online programs.

Program Fees

The program fee is determined by various factors. The most important consideration is the number of training a student opts for; more hours mean more money. In some programs the local chapter provides students with medical equipments for practice apart from the regular course material. Almost all Red Cross programs assist students with the mandatory medical report and background check.

As per the current statistics, the average fees for CNA courses lies in between USD 800 to USD 1,000.

List of the Institutes Offering CNA Program along with Addresses

  • ARC Antelope Valley Chapter
    2715 E Avenue P Palmdale, CA 93550

  • ARC Central East District Office
    2227 Atlantic Blvd., Commerce, CA 90040

  • Red Cross House
    4000 Powelton Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19104

  • Saint Mary Manor
    701 Lansdale Avenue, Lansdale PA 19446

  • Louisville Area Chapter
    510 East Chestnut Street, Louisville, KY 40202

  • Southwest Service Center
    9702 Stonestreet Road, Louisville, KY 40272

The local chapter considers all these aspects and calculation before deciding the final fee structure. There are financial aid services available at many Red Cross chapters so that students can pay for the fees at affordable loan rates. Moreover, the Red Cross programs are very cost effective; it may seem that the fee is higher than normal but what you will gain is also above average.

American Red Cross Society is a social organization which has a history of medical service. They believe that any nursing job is noble and the students who join the Red Cross CNA program understand this very well.