How to move up from a CNA to RN

A registered nurse is abbreviated as RN which is a position that requires a minimum qualification of associate degree or bachelor's degree in the certified nursing assistant. The main duty of a registered nurse is to take care of the patient in case of emergency or in ICU (Intensive Care Unit). Basically RN works for schools, colleges, hospitals, medical institutions, etc. CNA course is also available online, as it is beneficial for the working people. Given below are the different levels of education in the field of nursing -

  • First Level- Licensed Practical Nurse- 6-12 months
  • Second Level -Associate Degree in Nursing- 2 year
  • Third Level- Bachelor of Science in Nursing - 4 years
  • Forth Level- Master of Science in Nursing- 2 years
  • Fifth Level- Doctorate of Science in Nursing- 2 to 5 years

The minimum eligibility criteria for the entrance level of certified nursing assistant is a high school diploma from any recognized university or college and a minimum age of 18 years or more. After completing the first level, you are eligible for the next and so on. Once you are completed with the cna course, then you need to apply for the cna license from the governing authority, as it will help you in searching for the job in any of reputed organization. If you want to enhance yourself in the field of nursing i.e. as a Registered Nurse, then it is important that you should possess some of the qualities such as patience, excellent communicational skills, well-versed in the knowledge of the domain, and calm in nature. A two year degree i.e. the associate degree can lead you to RN (Registered Nurse) and a four year bachelor degree can lead you to a manager level in the nursing field. It is very important that you should have the full knowledge of cna, before you apply for any certification course in cna.

cna to rn program After becoming a CNA, you require one more year to become Registered nurse, i.e. after completing of the associate degree. You will have to undergo a mini project work and a training work shop. In this work shop, you will be given the training on how to manage your work within the given time frame, take care of the patient's health and hygiene in an effective manner, monitor the patients development, given them medicines as per the schedule, and most importantly provide mental support to the patient that help them in curing them well.

What is the difference between CNA and RN

Certified nursing assistant is one of the best job opportunities in building the long term career in the field of nursing. As mentioned above, CNA has 5 levels that will help you to attain a fast career growth along with a good salary package. RN (Registered Nurse) is the second stage of CNA i.e. a step ahead of a CNA with a good salary package. The duties of a registered nurse include supervising the activities of the certified nursing assistant, taking feedback from the patients, and reporting the overall development of the patients to the concerned doctor. The main advantage of CNA to RN programs is that it will help you in understanding the procedure and the responsibilities in a better manner. The cost of RN program is approximately $6000.

According to the recent survey, the demand of a RN (Registered Nurse) has increased drastically. There are many institutions that provide CNA to RN programs, along with the training session. There are free online educational plans for CNA to RN programs which will offer you study materials for the completion of the degree course. If you are planning to go for the job of a RN (Registered Nurse), then it is recommended to research for the information on cna thoroughly. For more details, you can visit our website and get the detailed information about certified nursing assistant. In conclusion, the job of a RN is quite satisfying, as it gives internal pleasure too.