How to Apply for CNA License

CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) is one of the best career building option in the present scenario. The main advantage with this job profile is that it can never be hampered by the recession, as the other sectors do suffer from. Another great advantage is that it is a high paying job as the pay scale increase on a rapid pace with the increase in the experience. If anyone wants to make their career as a certified nursing assistant, then first of all they should research for the job profile, its duties and responsibilities, the minimum eligibility criteria required for the course or certification needed to apply for the job. There are various colleges/ universities that offer CNA certification course along with the training module.

In short, the major role and responsibility of a certified nursing assistant is to take care of the patients admitted in the hospital and provide them emotional support so that they can get recovered as soon as possible. One of the most important aspects of applying for CNA jobs is that you should possess a CNA license that is given by the governing authority after completing the CNA certification course. Without the license, you cannot apply for any job in the field of nursing. Basically there are two process to apply for CNA license; online mode and offline mode. Nowadays online mode is preferred as compared to offline mode, as it saves you time. Let us have a look on how to get CNA license online.

How to get your CNA license online?

In order to acquire for a CNA license online, you have to visit the official website and apply for the CNA license. You will see a link containing a form with certain guidelines. You need to fill up the form with the correct details and click on the submit button. After you click the submit button, an appointment will be issued along with the date, day and time. You have to be present on that day along with the documents such as CNA certification that you received from the previous institute, recommendation letter from your previous organization, etc. You also need to submit the official transcript of your institute. After the checking of these documents, you will have to undergo a background test that will verify that your documents are correct or not. One of the most essential things is the finger print that you need to submit in the process of verification. Another important aspect is that you have to decide in which state you have to work, prior to applying for the the license.

How long does it take to get your CNA license?

After you have filled in the details and also submit the photocopies of the documents to the license authority, then it would take around 4-6 months in getting the CNA license from the license authority. This time period may vary from one state to the other state and also depends upon the procedure. There are some states that have less official formality and some have more paper work.

How to transfer your CNA license to another state?

queries about CNA license It is mandatory that you should apply for the CNA license transfer, if you are relocating from one state to another. The transferring of license can be of any reason, but it should be valid. The transfer procedure of the CNA license may differ from one state to the other. There is a Nurse Aide Registry in every state. You have to approach to both the nurse aide registry office (the current one and the one which you are going to work in) and apply for the license transfer. This procedure for transferring of CNA license from one state to the other state is referred to as reciprocity. Some of the state simply issues the license by seeing the experience of the candidate whereas in some state, you have to give the license test for getting the license. The procedure to apply for the license transfer includes filling up of the form and submitting the required documents to the license authority. After that the license authority will issue you a form against your request. You have to fill the form and submit it to the license authority, which will send the filled form to the Nurse Aide Registry of that state.

How to renew your CNA license?

The time duration for the CNA license is 1-2 years. It depends upon the state, as some provide the license for one year and some for two years. It is important that you should renew the license before it gets expired. You have to again go to the Nurse Aide Registry office of your state and apply for the CNA license renewal. You have to submit the related documents as per the renewal policy. They will then verify it from your current organization and would renew your license. This might take 2-3 weeks time.

What is the Nurse Aide Registry?

A nurse aide registry maintains the database of all the candidates who are working as a certified nursing assistant, registered nurse and other nursing jobs in any of the medical organization or nursing homes. Any nursing home can make an inquiry to a registry by means of a phone call or through internet. Through the registry they can test the eligibility status of a candidate for working in a nursing facility. The registry maintains a record of those nurses/caregivers who have cases of abuse, neglect or misappropriation of property against them.