Certified Nursing Assistant FAQ

Do you know what type of industry is struggling with staff shortage? You are guessing it wrong if your mind is answering software and automobile industries. In fact, it is the healthcare industry that is in need of nursing personnel. People who are accepting the nursing profession have a great future since the demand throughout the U.S. is about to grow until 2020. Thousands of openings especially, for certified nursing assistants are projected to crop. If you have the interest and doubt as well as to where to start and how to enter this profession, this website will answer all your questions and help you in starting a career that will reward you both emotionally and financially.

What is CNA?

CNA is a common abbreviated term in U.S. used for certified nursing assistants. These nursing aides work in a variety of medical settings as an new entrants to the nursing field. They are basically caretakers of patients admitted for all types of treatments in the facilities. They are trained in offering assistance to patients, registered nurses and doctors. Their main job is to help patients who are unable to do basic living activities on their own, monitor their conditions, take vital signs and report any changes and emergency to registered nurses.

frequently asked questions for CNA

How to become a CNA?

There are certain requirements in becoming a CNA. They are a high school diploma, 18 years of age, no involvement in any crime, good physical and mental health, and a clean bill of health. When you are able to meet these requirements, you can enroll in a training program offered by community colleges and vocational training institutes. Further, it is also essential that you are trained by accredited programs only.

As the training gets over, a certification exam is scheduled by the testing agency appointed by the state government. The two-part exam consists of written test and clinical test. The CNA designation is offered after completing the training program and getting certified by the State Aide Nurse Registry. For which, it is necessary to pass the certification exam.

How to get free CNA training?

The training programs for interested candidates are offered by various institutions. These institutes have different types of in-house facilities to train students. Since no rule is being laid out regarding the fee structure, the training providers charge students according to the reputation, and facility offered. Hence, coming to the accurate fee is a bit difficult. However, the minimum fee we have found is $300 and maximum is $2500.

Luckily, there are alternatives to obtain free training due to the noble conduct followed by the state governments. To help students in getting cost-free training, state government offers funds to training institutes through scholarships and grants. You can apply for these financial aids to the finance department of the institute. Then there are also a wide chances of securing training without paying any money if you are offering voluntary services to nursing homes and hospitals.

Where can I find CNA Classes?

Once you are committed to becoming a CNA, you will have no problem in finding classes. In each city and state, there are hundreds of training institutes. The easiest way to know who are offering the training and are state-approved, visit the local nurse aide registry. On your request, the registry will provide you a list of educators in your area where you can enroll. Then the Internet is the best source to where you can study the job skills to become a nurse aide.

What are the career opportunities for CNA?

People holding a CNA certification have endless opportunities in the nursing field. Since the country is already in need of healthcare providers, the demand is just growing by years. The reason behind the projection of the job growth is the aging population. Besides, there would also be an increase in the number of nursing assistants who are going to retire in the near future. Then as the overall population is increasing, more medical centers are opening up in order to cater to the needs of the people. All these situations will have a positive impact on the career opportunities for nursing aides.

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